Couples Communication Worksheet

This work sheet is designed for use by two individuals who are interested in developing better communication between themselves and thus enabling them to share more love and connectedness.  It can be use independently or within your coaching relationship.  Work through each question independently then when you have 20-30 minutes sit facing each other and take turns sharing your answers.  Really listen to each other. You can appreciate and thank but limit the judgments or comments.   Do not attempt to solve anything.  We are only focusing on communicating and active listening.

1. What are a few values you both share? ( examples: being there for our kids, enjoying the outdoors, keeping our bodies healthy, sharing a hobby, etc.) You can also share what it is that attracted you to each other.  Stay focused on the positive.

2. Name three activities that you would enjoy doing with your partner that have the potential to be a positive experience with little room for conflict?

3. Name three things in order of preference that you would like your partner to do for you in the coming week?  When you share, allow your partner to choose one of them to do for you.

4. Name one action or experience you have shared together that when thought about causes you to feel pride and love for your partner?

5. Name the one issue or concern that you would like to discuss with your partner this week but might have historically fought about or experienced conflict when you attempted to discuss?  Do not tell a story here, just simply state it as a subject matter.  Partner just listen, say “I hear you” and “thank you”.  This may be the content we work on with our coach.

6. What in your mind most needs to be resolved between the two of you this next week?  Each take time to share.  Do not attempt to resolve now, we are just seeking to name the issue or concern.

7. Share one quality you love about your partner.

8. Create one positive visual image out in the future where you see you and your partner doing something you both love.  Please share your picture or image with your partner.  Partner just listen and say thank you.

9. Share with your partner one issue that you have identified that you are going to actively work  on, explore or resolve this next week.  Be specific and define a measurable action step.

10 Read this commitment out loud…One read this statement and the other follow along.  “Together we are committed and willfully working to become better people.  We are developing better communication skills and now more fully share our love with each other. Our good communication skills are allowing us to successfully build a relationship that lasts”.